How to Pair Summer Separates

When summer is at its peak and we search for stylish outfits that will not only keep us cool, but also be versatile for when the season changes, separates such as tops, skirts and pants come to mind.

With these key separate pieces, you can create endless outfit options and never be stuck for something to wear.

Summer is a great time to experiment with your fashion, and mix and match colour schemes, as well as create coordinated, matching ensembles. You can also explore more relaxed shapes to stay comfortable in the warm weather.

Our summer separates allow you to mix and match items such as tank tops, blouses, maxi skirts, shorts and wide leg pants to create your desired outfit to suit any occasion. This gives you more choice in what you wear and more options when creating outfits.


What are summer separates?

Summer separates are lightweight clothing pieces, which can be paired together or worn with items from your wardrobe. At Cable, our collection of summer separates have been crafted to create multiple outfit options for a variety of occasions, so by using the same pieces in different ways, you can create ensembles that are suitable for beach holidays, weekends away, garden parties, running errands, lunches, working from home and heading into the office.

With our summer separates, you can easily create stylish outfits by pairing items with clothing pieces you already have in your wardrobe, such as jeans or a white t-shirt, but you can also pair our summer separates together to create coordinated, matching looks, which are striking and on-trend.



What fabrics are best for summer separates?

Lightweight fabrics are best for summer separates. This season, we have opted for quality linen to craft many of our summer separates, as this fabric is breathable, easy to care for and has a relaxed fit, which is perfect for hot summer weather.

Our Bay Linen Blouse and Bay Linen Shorts are two effortless linen pieces that you could throw on with a pair of thongs and sunglasses for a walk along the beach, and then dress up the next day with sandals and a chunky necklace to wear to a BBQ lunch.

Linen is a versatile fabric that will keep you cool and it makes for perfect summer clothing.


What are some of the best ways to pair summer separates?

Pairing a matching top and skirt together can double as a dress, with the added bonus of having two extra pieces of clothing in your arsenal. Our Lawson Linen Blouse and our Lawson Linen Skirt can be paired together to create a dress-like outfit, as the matching top and skirt seamlessly blend into one another.

Similarly, pairing a top, such as our Byron Top, with matching shorts, such as our Byron Shorts can appear as a summery playsuit or romper, without the trouble of being confined or restricted to a playsuit (no frustrating trips to the bathroom and stripping down to nothing).


Achieve stylistic cohesion through smart pairing

Whether you are choosing new summer separates for work, social events or for your day-to-day activities, we recommend considering a number of stylistic factors to ensure you feel the most confident with your look:

  • Colour Tones and Hues

We recommend selecting summer separated that will add colour to your wardrobe while helping you achieve a cohesive look. Our range of matching sets for summer is perfect for those who want to master colour tones and hues in an effortless way. Wearing a matching set helps build the tonal foundation of your look and then you can accessorise with items that allow you to mix and match shades of the same hues.

  • Design and Texture

Select separates that offer intrigue and flair to your ensemble through their design and texture. Summer separates that feature fun cut-outs, not only add visual interest to your look and playful textures but also help keep you cool throughout the course of a warm day.


  • Style and Fit

Over the past year, we’ve all adopted more relaxed clothing styles that are less form-fitting and tight. With everyone having worked from home for an extended period of time, comfort increasingly played importance in the outfits we created on a daily basis. As comfort and style now more than ever go hand in hand, we have embraced this in our collection of summer clothing separates at Cable Melbourne.


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