It is very important to read the care label on your garment to determine the process of washing. 


The best way to wash your silk garments is by hand. Fill a basin with cold water and submerge the garment. Add a few drops of a very gentle detergent and stir in the solution with your hand. Let the garment soak for only a few minutes before plunging gently to remove any dirt or stains. Remove the garment from the water and run under cold water until all detergent has been removed. To dry your garment turn it inside out and lay flat, away from direct sunlight to dry out.


It's very important to take great care when ironing any silk garment. Turn your garment inside out and use a very low heat or silk setting. It is very important that the fabric is completely dry before you start ironing. We also suggest that you put a cloth between the iron and the silk to protect the fibres. 


If your silk garment is not on regular rotation in your wardrobe we suggest folding and keeping it in a breathable cotton bag or an acid free tissue paper. It is important that your garment is stored in  a cool dry place away from direct light.