It is very important to read the care label on your garment to determine the process of washing. 


The best way to wash your linen garments is by hand. Fill a basin with cold water and submerge the garment. Add a few drops of a very gentle detergent and stir in the solution with your hand. Let the garment soak for only a few minutes before plunging gently to remove any dirt or stains. Remove the garment from the water and run under cold water until all detergent has been removed. After you have washed your garment, dry on a padded hanger or place it flat on a drying rack. We we don't recommend using a tumble dryer for linen garments as this may damage the fibres. Do not wring linen to remove excess water.


Always iron your linen pieces on the reverse side of the garment. You can iron linen while it is still damp. Use the linen setting on your iron for best results. 


If your linen garments are hanging, always use a padded or wooden hanger. To store for a longer period of time we suggest folding and keeping them in a fabric friendly container.