Top 5 Ways to Wear a Puffer Jacket

When the temperature starts to drop and you are in need of a shield from the winter winds you will no doubt be pulling your puffer jacket out from the back of your wardrobe. For those of us who brave through the chilly depths of a Melbourne winter, seeing a sea of black at school drop-offs, or walking down your local high street is not an uncommon sight. But how do you wear a puffer jacket without looking like the Michelin man?

In this article, we’re sharing Cable’s top five ways to wear and style a puffer jacket. We’re also covering how to layer and embrace the cold while looking put together without compromising on warmth.

The History of the Puffer Jacket

Quinn Puffer Jacket in Check at Cable Melbourne

Celebrating its 100th birthday in 2022, the puffer jacket was invented by Australian mountaineer, scientist and inventor George Finch who popularised the use of down as a member of the 1922 British Mount Everest expedition. The jacket did not gain popularity until 1939 when Eddie Bauer crafted the Skyliner Jacket, crafted from quilted down that was later adapted for use by the US Airforce. One hundred years later, the puffer jacket has become not only a wardrobe staple but a fashion icon in its own right.

Cable Melbourne Puffer Jackets

Cologne Boucle Puffer Jacket at Cable Melbourne

At Cable Melbourne, we’re known for our classic yet modern take on the puffer jacket. Specifically designed for the on-the-go woman, our range of puffer jackets makes it easy to create outfits that keep you warm and looking effortlessly chic for any occasion. With a range of styles and colours to choose from, including cropped puffer jackets, wrap puffers, quilted and herringbone, you can find a style to suit any look. While our designers at Cable have carefully crafted the exterior of our puffers range, it’s inside where the magic truly happens.

It's Whats Inside That Counts

Cable’s puffers are made with premium duck and goose down as these materials provide the most effective warmth-to-weight ratio of any puffer insulation. Down filling is ideal for puffer coats as it retains body heat inside millions of tiny pockets of air. This lightweight but effective insulation allows the garment to be readily compacted, making our puffers perfect to throw in your bag or suitcase for your travels.

Responsible Down Certification

On top of their fashionable functionality, our puffers are also consciously created. Did you know that Cable puffers are filled with RDS Certified down? The objective of the Responsible Down Standard is to ensure, to the highest possible extent, that down and feathers do not come from animals in a supply chain that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm or cruelty.

Top 5 Ways to Wear a Puffer Jacket

Quinn Puffer Jacket in Khaki at Cable Melbourne

1. Balance Proportions with Leggings

The challenge of adding such a voluminous piece of clothing to your look can be a bit of a balancing act. Fortunately, puffer jackets & leggings are a match made in heaven. We suggest pairing your puffer with our waxed leggings, as this will allow the silhouette of your puffer jacket to shine. Complete your look with a sneaker or ankle boot, depending on the occasion

Puffer Jacket at Cable Melbourne

2.Understated Basics

One of the advantages of wearing a puffer jacket and the undoubtedly warm layer they provide is that you can keep things simple underneath. We suggest slimming down your look with basics such as leggings and a crew neck top. Our Babywool Merino Basics are the perfect layer under a puffer. Not only are they made from 100% Merino wool but they are also made in Melbourne, Australia.

3. Embrace Colour

While it is easy to opt for the classic black puffer jacket and head straight out the door, try embracing colour & print to diversify your winter style. Khaki & chocolate are great colour choices for puffer jackets as they pair seamlessly with other winter tones you will already have in your wardrobe. Opt for similar coloured waxed leggings and a neutral Mohair knit to help bring out the colour in your puffer.

Ruby Printed Puffer Jacket at Cable Melbourne

4.Keep it Cosy with Co Ords

Many of us are not quite ready to let go of the loungewear we have gotten so familiar with over the last few years. Lucky for us, puffer jackets and loungewear are a match made in heaven. Layer the Westwood Belted Puffer in nutmeg over the Cashmere Track Set for a relaxed but chic ensemble. To style up, add a pair of sneakers and a Cashmere beanie to enhance your comfort.

Puffer Jacket in Black at Cable Melbourne

5.Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Puffer jackets are a form of leisure wear, so pairing them with a chic beanie, scarf or sunglasses can help bring that sporty look to life. Accessories can also help to create different focal points for your outfit, which is a nice touch if you’re concerned about the bulkiness of your puffer jacket. Layering is essential during winter, so why not layer on the accessories with a stylish puffer jacket?

During the cooler months, your puffer jacket is a staple in your wardrobe, not just to keep you warm, but to add another layer of individual expression and comfort for superb all-day wear. Discover the collection of women’s puffer jackets from Cable Melbourne and find a style to suit your wardrobe now.