Guide to Types of Wools: Merino, Mohair & Cashmere | Cable – Cable Melbourne

At Cable Melbourne, we are one of Australia’s leading wool fashion authorities – specialising in 100% Australian merino wool, cashmere, mohair, and wool blends.

Wool knitwear is a great investment for any time of the year. Not only is wool knitwear long lasting and durable, but wool pieces are also lightweight and breathable, not to mention exceptionally warm.

Winter and spring are the perfect time to update and upgrade your wool knitwear selection – and invest in new pieces to see you through the years. Whatever your style, we have a variety of wool styles, from wool jumpers, to cardigans, scarves, snoods and beanies, perfect for pairing back with your own wardrobe and creating endless outfit options.

Whether you like to stick with monochromes, neutral tones, or add splashes of bold colours to your wardrobe, our knitwear styles are sure to spark joy when deciding on what to wear.

But what is the difference between merino wool, cashmere and mohair – and what should you consider when choosing a knitwear piece?

Here we will breakdown the benefits of each kind of yarn, and what you can expect when buying knitwear online or in store.



Merino wool is the perfect material for luxe jumpers, cardigans and scarves. It is lightweight and has a flat yet soft finish. Merino wool also has many key sustainable benefits:

  1. It supports local farmers: Our merino wool comes from Australian merino sheep. By sourcing locally, we are helping to support Australian farmers and makers in the process.
  2. It is natural: Wool is a natural fibre, ethically and responsibly sourced from sheep. It is one of the most effective forms of weather protection. Man-made fibres with the same properties that wool has, are yet to be produced.
  3. It is biodegradable: Wool naturally decomposes into the soil and releases valuable nutrients back into the earth. It is also a very quick decomposer compared to synthetic materials.
  4. It is renewable: As long as sheep continue to produce a woolly fleece, wool will continue to exist, making it a renewable fibre source.

Aside from these sustainable attributes, merino wool is also:

  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Naturally breathable
  • Anti-odour
  • Non-allergenic

These qualities of wool make it an all-round great fabric choice when adding new winterwear pieces to your wardrobe. Our colourful Merino Long Wrap Cardigan in Sky Blue and our trendy Soho Plaid Jumper are must-haves for those wanting to add a fun flair to their collection.


At Cable Melbourne, we have crafted Australian Made wool products specifically for those who are both environmentally conscious and looking to support Australian trade.

Click here to learn how to care for your Merino Wool.




One of the rarest and softest yarns, cashmere is the epitome of luxury when it comes to knitwear. Ethically-sourced from the fleecy underlayer of the cashmere goat, our pure cashmere is finely spun, making it super soft and snuggly to wear.

Whilst cashmere is lightweight, comfortable, and never bulky, it provides an unmatched warmth, and is perfect to wear in a variety of climates and temperatures. This is due to cashmere’s insulation benefits.

Cashmere provides superior insulation and is up to 8 times more insulating than regular sheep’s wool. This makes cashmere especially cosy when there is a cold chill throughout Winter & Spring, and the perfect yarn to pack when traveling – be it a weekend away in the country or a trip to the snow.

Aside from protecting you from the chill on a holiday, cashmere is also wrinkle resistant, for when you are away and do not have an iron handy.

This versatile fabric is the star of several of our favourite products at Cable, such as our Cashmere Cowl Jumper in Berry and the chic Pure Cashmere Cardigan in Navy.


Click here to learn how to care for your Cashmere.




Mohair wool comes from the fluffy underlay of special goats and is our cosiest wool. It is soft and plush, and instantly rugs up any outfit.

Even though mohair has a fluffy effect, it is not itchy. We all know the struggle of wearing an elegant knit but feeling itchy from the fabric’s fibres. At Cable Melbourne, our mohair knitwear pieces keep you warm, while having a soft effect on the skin.

Our mohair styles are more relaxed than our other wool jumpers and cardigans, which make them great for layering over a t-shirt or dress. Enhance your wardrobe with trending colours such as our Queenie Jumper in Scarlett Red or Sapphire or with fun prints such as our Animal Print Turtle Neck Jumper.

Mohair is also water repellent, and it regulates temperature. This soft fabric has a cooling effect during the summer months and a warming effect during winter, redering it the ultimate multi-purpose fabric.



Add Australian made clothing, crafted from merino wool, cashmere and luxurious mohair to your collection and enjoy unconditional comfort season after season.