How To Wear & Style Matching Sets

The Rise of Women’s Matching Sets

Navy Matching Set for Women - Cable Melbourne

In recent months, the matching sets have seen a surge in popularity – from classic suit and trouser combos to floral skirts and tops for the autumn season, there's a huge selection to choose from. But, why are they so popular?

Matching sets first emerged during the 70s, with colourful clothing being all the rage. Fast forward to the early 2000s, when the rise in velour sweatsuits and the like were becoming increasingly popular thanks to the boom in reality tv and celebrities repping the velvet set look.

With the return of Y2K and the resurgence of 70s and 80s fashion in recent years, clothing sets have made their formal comeback, offering a renewed take on the classic matching set with chic prints, a mixture of neutral and colourful hues and a plethora of fabrics for a unique look and feel for every moment.

If you’re a capsule wardrobe fan or enjoy a minimalistic approach to clothing, a matching set is a must for easy outfit choices that can also be mixed and matched with your other loved pieces. With a matching set, effortlessness is key. It’s a full outfit in one, similar to a dress during the summer months and allows you to mix in other clothing elements and accessories, like shoes and jewellery.

Types of Matching Sets

Khaki Green Matching Set for Women - Cable Melbourne
From the office to after-work drinks and activities, a matching set provides the right amount of chic and smart casual to your ensemble, and there’s a huge selection of matching sets to suit each event.

  1. Matching Lounge Sets

    Matching Cashmere Tracksuit in Grey - Cable Melbourne
    The loungewear set is a type of matching set that is all about chic comfort – usually combining soft and stretchy materials, loungewear sets offer maximum relaxation for all activities without taking away your style. The perfect option for running errands or attending casual events like a picnic.

    1. Matching Suit Sets

    Prince of Wales Check Suit for Women - Cable Melbourne
    For the office, a matching suit is a must-have option for stylish workwear that’s sophisticated and chic. Matching suits can come in a range of forms, from simplistic styles, including matching suit blazers and trousers to more elaborate takes, like matching prints, bold colours and even added elements, like a matching waistcoat.

    1. Print Clothing Sets

    Printed Matching Set for Women at Cable Melbourne
    As it suggests, a print set is a matching set that has the same print for the top and bottom. From intricate plaid detailing to more elaborate florals, hues and patterns, printed sets are a fun way to experiment with colour while doing everyday tasks, like heading to the office or attending a much more fun event like an engagement party.

    1. Women’s Colour Sets

    Baby Blue Matching Skirt Set for Women - Cable Melbourne

    If you’re not a big print person, coloured matching sets are just as fun while elevating your sense of sophistication. Neutral hues, like sand, bone, grey and white are popular colours that don’t feel too out there or overwhelming when opting for a matching set. If you’re a colour fan, then bright, Y2K hues are a popular choice, from bright lime green to intense lavender, coloured matching sets add a bold voice to your appearance.

    How to Style Matching Sets

    Image of a model wearing a matching cashmere tracksuit in camel colour, with a black blazer draped over her shoulders

    From wearing together to styling on their own, matching sets offer a timeless solution for the minimalist and capsule wardrobe conscious.

    1. Worn Together

    Obviously, matching sets are designed to be worn together. The print and colouring are designed to fit effortlessly, offering a complete outfit. If you’re opting for a top and skirt or top and pant set, it’s best to add either similar-coloured or neutral-coloured accessories. For example, if you have a floral matching skirt and top set, look to add white shoes and neutral accessories to help amplify the print.

    For matching suit sets that combine a blazer/suit jacket and trousers, you may need to add additional clothing elements to complete your outfit. When adding a top, opt for a basic tank or long-sleeve tee, like one of our Cable Basics tops, that won’t distract from the set but will give you a versatile option for all day. Make sure to include neutral accessories and either similar coloured shoes or neutral shoes depending upon your workplace dress code.

    1. Worn Separate

    Because of their versatility, matching sets also lend themselves to be mixed and matched on their own. If you opt to wear a top or skirt on its own, it’s essential to pick neutral-coloured alternatives. For example, with a pair of plaid pants, look to wear a top in a neutral colour, like sand or bone, to keep the highlight on your pants. Similarly, with a floral top, opt for neutral-coloured pants, like dark wash waxed leggings or lighter-coloured trousers.

    Matching sets offer a plethora of styling opportunities, whether styled together or on their own, enhancing the look and feel of your wardrobe that’s chic and effortlessly smart casual. Discover the full selection of women’s matching sets online from Cable Melbourne to discover your next favourite wardrobe staple now. Visit your go-to Cable store to try on our latest collection of pants, skirts and women’s shirts in Melbourne, Sydney or our other locations.