How to Layer With Merino Wool?

What is Merino wool?

Merino wool is a type of natural fibre grown by Australian Merino sheep. It is a thinner and softer wool type, making it an ideal fabric choice as it’s gentle against the skin. Merino wool has a range of benefits when crafted into luxury clothing, like:

  • Super breathable fibre helps to regulate body temperature.
  • 100% biodegradable, renewable and natural.
  • Naturally wrinkle-resistant.
  • Anti-odour, antibacterial and non-allergenic.
  • Different Types of Merino Wool Garments

    Merino Wool Dress at Cable Melbourne

    Merino wool garments are a must for any capsule wardrobe or the fibre conscious, as luxury feel and softness make them go-to pieces that will stand the test of time from season to season.

    What is Merino wool?

    1. Knitwear

    Merino knitwear is a must-have for your winter wardrobe. From stunning cable knits to elevated basics, our Cable Melbourne Merino knitwear is a trans-seasonal favourite, offering stunning colourways and a super-soft feel that keeps you comfortable, regardless of the weather.

    1. Cardigans and Jumpers

    Merino wool cardigans and jumpers offer timeless styling with various seasonal looks. As the perfect layering option, our cardigans and jumpers crafted with the finest Merino wool add elegance to any outfit, whether paired with a comfortable tee or a-line pants.

    1. Long-Sleeve Tops

    Merino wool long-sleeve tops are great layering basics, especially when the temperature drops and you need a soft, warm layer close to your chest. With styles such as v-neck and crew necks, our super-fine Merino wool long-sleeve tops will transform how you dress for those crisp commutes to the office.

    1. Skirts

    Merino wool skirts are a fashionable way to style up your outfits this season, whether heading to the office or out to lunch with girlfriends. With a lightweight texture that doesn’t weigh you down but provides ultimate protection and comfort during the winter, our Merino wool skirts for women will give your wardrobe a trendy refresh.

    1. Accessories

    Merino wool accessories are a must for the winter season – from iconic Cable Melbourne scarves to luxurious gloves and beanies, these accessories capture the essence of woollen garments, offering a soft, warm and stylish alternative for cooler days and even cooler nights.

    How to layer and style Merino wool?

    Merino Wool Scarf at Cable Melbourne

    While Merino wool is a must-have for your wardrobe, knowing how to layer and style it is key. Below, we’ve highlighted our favourite ways to layer and style Merino wool garments and accessories.

    1. Start with a Base Layer

    Merino wool is a popular choice as a base layer. Our collection of Merino wool Cable basics offers simplistic and elegant base layer options, whether you’re heading to the office or out and about on the weekends. From long-sleeve tops to singlets, Merino wool basics will keep you warmer for longer without sacrificing style or simplicity.

    Merino Wool Base Layer at Cable Melbourne
    1. Layer Underneath a Puffer Jacket

    When choosing a Merino wool garment, there’s no better companion than a Cable puffer jacket. From classic midi cuts to more cropped styles, our collection of puffer jackets offers wearers the ultimate in winter warmth, not to mention a plethora of colourways, designs and silhouettes. Pair your Merino wool basics under a puffer jacket when heading out to run errands to complete your off-duty look or style up with a Merino knit to add an essence of classic chic.

    Quinn Puffer Jacket in Check at Cable Melbourne
    1. Opt for a Merino Cardigan

    For days in the office or when the weather is temperamental, a Merino wool cardigan is a great option for versatile styling. With a huge range of colourways and styles available, our Merino cardigans offer super soft detailing and are the best option for trans-seasonal layering, even through the winter months. Pair yours with a basic tee or long-sleeve top, a skirt or aline pants to complete your look.

    Ilona Wool Jacket in Black at Cable Melbourne
    1. Wear with a Cami

    If you’re looking for added warmth during the cooler months but don’t want to add copious amounts of layers, adding a singlet or cami underneath your Merino wool top is the perfect option for adding extra warmth without adding bulky layers. You can choose from a basic slip cami or a Merino cami that helps regulate your body temperature to ensure that you stay cool and comfortable, no matter how the temperature changes.

    Merino Wool Singlet at Cable Melbourne
    1. Choose a Merino Skirt

    Add to your autumn-winter wardrobe with a stylish Merino wool skirt. The perfect everyday or evening option, our Merino skirts offer an unmatched timeless style. Pair with a classic tee or a matching coloured top to create a monochromatic look that will make you stand out. With options in various colourways, designs and lengths, find your next favourite go-to skirt for the office or special event.

    Merino Wool Skirt at Cable Melbourne

    Merino wool is a must-have for your wardrobe, offering timeless and versatile styling for every day, the office or night’s out with friends. Discover the wide selection of Merino wool garments for women from Cable Melbourne to add to your collection now.