Mother's Day with the Cable Team

In celebration of Mother's Day coming up on May 9th, a few members of the Cable team got together to talk all things 'mums'!

We discussed what it means to be a mother, what we love most about our own mums, grandmothers, aunts, and the special women in our lives. 

To all the mums around the world - your hard work, love and dedication does not go unnoticed. 


Creative Director  

"Being a mother of 2 has given me immense respect for my own mother and made me cherish the values and wisdom she instilled in me as a child.
“Work hard at your goals, be honest and grateful, and do what you want but think about the consequences”.. a favourite comment of hers as I walked out the door, particularly as a teenager.  As mum’s only child we have a connection like no other and all I could ever hope for is to have the same with my own children as they grow up. I feel very lucky and thankful having her in my life. She is an incredibly supportive and selfless woman that I love and admire very much."


Wholesale Sales Manager  

"Whilst my mum has always been super special, it’s really been since having my own children that I’ve realised her unwavering, extraordinary, unconditional love, support and dedication to my boys. I’ve loved watching their relationship evolve and change throughout their lives. My mum is such an important part of my children's world, for which I am extremely grateful.

When it comes to myself as a mum, I think having children is a gift in itself.  Being a mum to 3 boys + a boy dog (my favourite child!) and a beautiful partner is not quite how I pictured my life, but now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are all so different and our relationships are also unique. I love being a mum of boys that one minute I can be so cross with and the next they’ll forgive me. Even if I’m not ready to forgive them they somehow make it ok and we work everything out in the end." 


Product Development/Production


"Being a mother is a constant learning process.
My girls are teaching me every single day, as I have learned from my own mother, about unconditional love and attachment. It’s a strong bond. 

I often imagine and feel this invisible thread between my daughters and myself. When my girls were little this thread was quite short and secure but now as they are getting older and approaching teenage years and young adulthood the thread is getting much longer. 
As long as my girls know that I am at the end of that thread, no matter what, when or where, then I believe that thread will never be broken." 

Iris Pin Tuck Shirt


Inventory & Planning Merchandising Manager 


"If I had to make a list of why my mum is special it would be a mile long, but a few things that stand out are her generosity and willingness to do everything she can for my brother and I to make us happy and successful. She is also a bit of a dork and thinks she has the best dance moves around, inevitably always putting a smile on our faces. I also think the little things she does for me are why she is just so special, like making sure I always have a batch of her famous sausages rolls in my freezer, just in case someone comes over and needs a treat.

The photo I am holding above was taken at my brother’s wedding and represents three generations of strong women in our family. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house while my mum was working so being able to enjoy one another’s company all together as adults is a cherished memory."



Visual Merchandising Coordinator 

"In my photo above, my Mum Jenny and my son Marlow enjoy a cookie & coffee at my Mum’s local cafe. These moments of togetherness are so special, as my Mum and I live in different states. Even though we have distance to contend with, the bond between mother and child and now grandson endures, which really is the definition of family for us."


Marketing Coordinator  

"My mum, Jen, is my rock. She is nicknamed 'The Oracle' because whatever question/ problem/ issue you have in life, she will have the answer and words of wisdom to guide you through. This goes for myself, my sister, and anyone else who comes to her for advice. Jen will know what to do.
She is the most intelligent, grounded and caring person I know, and I admire her so much.

My sister, Laura, is another mother I admire, look up to, and celebrate on Mother's Day. Her 2-year-old daughter Lucy means everything to me and I'm the proudest aunty ever. Her new 6-week-old son Oliver is so precious, and to see her with her beautiful, growing family warms my heart."




Retail Operations Manager 


"As the daughter of a wonderful mother and the mother to 3 wonderful children I am eternally grateful. Grateful for my mother’s constant guidance and support throughout my life, grateful for her sense of style and her sense of humour. Mum has taught me to be extremely resilient, loyal and generous – all of which she is (and perhaps a bit naughty as well). I have huge admiration for my mum and love having her so present in my life – although it is a constant race to see who can talk the most! 

My 3 kids (plus 2 pooches and 1 pussycat) – although still works in progress - are my greatest achievement. They have taught me to love, laugh and sometimes get really cross! I am relishing watching them develop into young adults and I look forward to many more years of love and laughter with not only my kids and my husband, but their friends as well.

Motherhood to me is a huge part of who I have become although I hope I teach my children to see me as, primarily their mother, but also an independent person with dreams and goals. Obviously these dreams and goals are closely linked to my role as a mother but it is not the entirety of who I am." 


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